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Everybody has a story. We certainly do.

But we’re more interested in yours … How you got to where you are right now, reading this page, on our website. Maybe you just graduated and started your first job and you’re ready to make an investment. Or perhaps you got married and you're looking for your first home. Maybe you just welcomed a new baby who has you longing for a place to put down some roots. 

Whatever story brought you here, we want to know it. We’re committed to helping you through this exciting season of buying a home. For over 40 years, Berks Homes has been building quality new homes in Central Pennsylvania, and we want to build your next home.

Your story starts here.

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Berks Homes in Eastern, PA
As a first time homeowner I have little to compare this experience with; however, overall a very smooth process. A family member who has lots of home building construction experience commented on the generally high quality of the build.

Thomas H. - Happy Homeowner