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Berks Homes Blog

Berks Homes Blog

Posted on May 20, 2019

It’s Still Spring. And We’re Still Cleaning.

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Last month, we welcomed spring and eased our way into some spring cleaning. Now, it’s time to dig in a little more and take on some longer tasks. Don’t worry, we’ll still make it easy on you. These will only take you a couple hours. You could squeeze it in before the kids get home from school. Or maybe make them do it for you:

Wash your bulky linens.

Pillows, blankets, and comforters. This would honestly be easiest if you don’t do it at home. Go to the local laundromat to save some time so you can wash and dry everything at the same time. If you’re feeling extra productive, bring your drapes and curtains too.

Move your furniture.

If it’s heavy, ask for help. This lets you find some coins and see what else is hiding under there. There is something so satisfying about cleaning up a space you haven’t seen in a few months. Try it, you’ll see.

Check your air ducts and vents.

This will save you money. We don’t often think about this stuff until there is a problem. So be a little proactive and add this to your to-do list. Watch our cleaning and maintenance video to help you keep your air conditioning running efficiently all summer.

Keep your fridge fresh.

Say that five times fast. You want the thing that holds your food to be clean. Use baking soda to remove stubborn stains and eliminate odors.

Defrost your freezer.

And grab some ice cream as a reward for doing all of this. If you don’t want to wait for it to defrost on its own, check out these #hacks to speed this process along.

We will be back later this week with the most time-intensive chores and then you’ll be done and ready for all the grilling and walking and flower-smelling that comes with spring.


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