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June 4, 2024

Prepare Your Backyard for a Summer of Entertaining

The weather is getting warmer, plants are in full bloom, and many people are getting ready to spend quality time in their backyards. As you prepare to welcome friends, family members, and neighbors over for games and grilling, ensure your space is ready for entertaining with these options.

Set Up a Firepit with Seating

Instead of setting up chairs around a firepit whenever you want to have a bonfire, why not create a permanent hangout spot? There are plenty of affordable and aesthetically pleasing built-in or portable firepit options. Once you've selected your choice, consider getting a set of outdoor furniture to place around the firepit permanently.

Prepare for Outdoor Grilling / Cooking

No outdoor party would be complete without food—whether serving a full meal or finger food, you will want an outdoor cooking space. You can go all in and build a full kitchen in your backyard, complete with a dining set. Or you can opt for the classic grill and patio furniture combo. 

Invest in Some Fun, Charming Lights

Light your outdoor spaces by hanging lights along your fence, across a pergola, or between your deck posts. Various types of lighting are available to suit your style and backyard, allowing you to create a unique space.

Designate A Game Spot

From croquet to cornhole, bocce ball to ladder toss, and horseshoes, there are endless affordable games to keep both adults and children entertained all summer long. Setting up a designated game area ensures everything is in one place and allows you to create various activity areas for your guests. 

Get Set for an Outdoor Movie Night

To host a movie night in your backyard, you only need a sheet and a projector. Hang a big sheet on a wall of your home, and you’re all set! You'll also want to grab some popcorn, cold drinks, picnic blankets, or chairs and pick the right summer flick to complete the evening.

Focus on Your Greenery

Consider having vibrant greenery and flowers to ensure that your outdoor space is ready for frequent entertaining. Consider growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs near your deck or patio if you enjoy gardening.

With these tips, you can create a backyard perfect for entertaining your family, friends, and neighbors during summer!

Kelly & Megan
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