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Our Process

We’ve got you covered.

We aren’t going to lie to you and tell you that buying and building a home is as easy as 1, 2, 3. If it was, everybody would be doing it. 

What we will tell you is that we’ve been doing it since 1973. That means we’ve spent decades perfecting the process and becoming the experts so we can answer all your questions along the way.

We already know some of the answers to the questions you didn't even realize you had. So we’ve prepared this list of things you can think about now to make your life easier later. We’re here to help.


It costs money to build a house. We have worked hard to streamline the process as much as possible, and decrease the number of payments you have to make. You’ll pay for all your deposits separately: initial agreement of sale, floorplan options, and your Selection Gallery choices. So you’ll need to be aware of your account a few different times along the way:

  • Pre-approval — your account needs to reflect to the bank that you have the financial potential to purchase a home.
  • Deposit — $5,000.
  • Mortgage application
  • Deposit for upgrades — you’ll need 50% of whatever you choose. This can be anywhere from $5,000 - $100,000 (we promise the morning room is worth it!).
  • Mortgage commitment
  • Appraisal
  • Closing — the last check! You’ll need a certified check for any funds owed.

We pride ourselves on inviting our customers into the process as much as possible. We want you to know exactly how we do things and give you the opportunity to weigh in as much as you want. This does take some time, so we want to give you the chance to evaluate your calendar and plan to come meet with us. Here is what the time commitment looks like:

  • 1 hour for a Selection Gallery Virtual Tour
  • 8-12 hours (over a few different meeting days) to choose your floorplan, structural options and to sign your Agreement of Sale
  • 2-4 hours to make selections at Selection Gallery
  • 2-3 hours for the pre-construction walkthrough
  • 2-3 hours for the pre-settlement orientation
  • 30 minutes for zero defect walkthrough
  • 2 hours for closing

We want to be as transparent as possible and let you know that there will be bumps along the way. Not because we aren’t good at what we do, but because there are so many moving parts when building a home. There is a lot that is out of everyone’s control, but we are proud of our process and communication. We will communicate with you as much as possible, keeping you in the loop each step of the way. Here are those steps so you can keep track of when you’ll be hearing from us the most:

  • Writing your agreement
  • Selection appointment
  • Pre-construction meeting
  • Pre-drywall meeting
  • Pre-settlement orientation
  • Zero defect meeting
  • Closing
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Our Process