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Every time someone decides to buy a Berks Home, we celebrate. Literally. We sound the bells, cheer, and our celebration team leads a mini-parade through our office building.

Because it matters to us. Every customer matters. 

So when you decide to buy your Berks Home, you’ll get your own celebration too.

My home was absolutely perfect! My walk-through with Dave was beyond what I expected. He was knowledgeable and took the time to go through so many items with me and made sure that I was comfortable with his answers. I am very impressed and would highly recommend Berks Homes!

Darlene, Happy Homeowner

Berks Homes in Eastern, PA

5 stars just isn't enough. Berks Homes went above and beyond for my husband and I. We had some delays which were not their fault and they still compensated us and made sure we were always happy. Their entire team was a complete JOY to work with, especially Matt Entrekin. We couldn't be happier with our brand new Berks Home! Thank you guys! We recommend you to anyone! 

Haley, Happy Homeowner

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