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Warranty Services for Berks Homes

1-877-856-6267 Ext. 4

About our Warranty

As a quality new home builder, we are proud to offer the best warranty program available today. We partner with Professional Warranty Service Corporation (PWSC) and we back our warranty with the strength of one of America’s largest insurance organizations.

Coverage Overview

  • Year 1: Workmanship and Materials
  • Year 2: Major Systems “Inside the Wall” Limited Coverage
  • Year 3-10: Structural Elements
***Cosmetic Items are not Covered***
(Please see your PWSC booklet for additional post-settlement limitations)

24/7 Call Center Support

General warranty issues fall into one of the three categories:

  • In House – A Berks Homes warranty technician will evaluate and address your claim.
  • Trade Contractor – A technician from the appropriate trade will evaluate and address your claim (This includes electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and appliance issues).
  • Homeowner Maintenance – Issues to be addressed by a homeowner. But don’t worry, if you need assistance, contact Berks Homes and we will review the maintenance steps with you and offer informational assistance.

How to contact our Warranty Services Department

To report an In-House issue too urgent to wait for the regular Evaluation time frames (3-month Evaluation/12-month evaluation):

  • Contact the Berks Homes Warranty Services Department at 1-877-856-6267 Ext. 4 during normal business hours between 7am-4pm. We will issue a work order to our technician who will contact you to schedule a time to evaluate the issue.
To report a Trade-Contractor Claim at any time during your warranty period:
  • Contact the appropriate contractor found on your trade list during normal business hours.  If this is an appliance issue, please have your model number, serial number, settlement date, and description of problem handy when reporting the issue to the Supplier or Manufacturer.
  • For tracking purposes, please also call or email Berks Homes to report the problem and provide us with the Trade Contractor that you contacted.


If this an emergency requiring a Trade Contractor (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and appliances) contact the appropriate Trade contractor found in your homeowner manual.  Please be prepared to describe your concern in full. 

***Gas Smell – Call your Gas Utility Immediately***

For tracking purposes, please also call Berks Homes at 1-877-856-6267 Ext. 4. to report the issue and provide us with the Trade Contractor that you contacted.  We will follow up with the contractor and our field technician. 

Warranty Services for Berks Homes