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April 24, 2019

Happy Spring! Clean your fridge lately?

Let’s all breathe a sigh of “Thank the good LORD” now that spring has finally arrived! And yep, it’s time to clean.

We’ll even gladly welcome the spring rain because it’s still a little warmer and a little brighter in the evenings.

Most of us are looking around and thinking that our homes could use a little brightening too.

As overwhelming as the phrase “spring cleaning” sounds, it doesn’t have to be.

Let’s all ease into it together. We’ll start you off small, with some quick things you can do in less than an hour:

Disinfect your remote controls.

Told you we would start small.This sounds a little silly, but think about it. When is the last time you did this? Just grab a Lysol wipe or disinfectant spray and wipe those bad boys clean. And try not to think about how many people have touched them. We are all right there with you, promise. (If you have kids, wipe their toys down too!)

Clean your microwave.

Easy peasy lemon squeeze-y. For real though, a lemon will help you take off any food that might be stuck.

Break out the steamer you got for your wedding.

You know the one. It’s maybe sitting on a shelf that’s too high or hidden in the garage? It works wonders for rugs in a high-traffic area. Plug that bad boy in and go to town on anything that needs it.

Don’t throw out the kitchen sink.

Hot tip: vinegar removes that gnarly smell. If you freeze some white vinegar in a freezer tray, you can take those cubes and plop them down your garbage disposal to freshen it right up. Not only does this remove odors, but it will sharpen the blades and clean more thoroughly than a brush.

Tidy your pantry.

Make it a game. Guess the expiration date on your oldest canned good and see how close you get. We won’t tell anyone if it’s more than 2 years. Seriously though, going through each and every item in your pantry will help you clean things out and give you ideas for what you can use for dinner. It will save you some money so you don’t keep buying things you already have and it will save you time because with all that extra space, you’ll be able to see it all right in front of you.

Clean the machines that clean.

This might feel a little ridiculous. But trust us, you don’t want to skip these. The Today Show has a whole video about how you can clean your washing machine with vinegar. But we don’t consider it cheating one bit if you just buy some cleaner that they make specifically for that. Oh and the dryer? You can literally just wipe it down with a damp cloth and then vacuum it to get any excess lint. The dishwasher needs a good scrub too. While you’re at it, turn on the self-cleaner for the oven as well.

We’ll keep the lists coming over the next week, slowly working up to those bigger tasks that take a little longer. Spring cleaning lasts an entire season guys. In the meantime, celebrate the small wins, even if it’s just wiping off your remote. We’re proud of you.

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