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Berks Homes Blog

Berks Homes Blog

Posted on March 16, 2021

How to Build a Home on Your Land in Pennsylvania

Categories: Building a Home

If you’ve ever considered building a home, it’s likely because a special plot of land caught your attention. The right piece of property in the right area can spark your imagination and inspire dreams of custom homeownership. With Berks Homes, building your picture-perfect home on the land of your choosing isn’t just an idea, it can be your reality. Here’s how to build a home on your own lot in Pennsylvania.

What Does Build On Your Land Mean?

Build On Your Land (BOYL) is when a homebuilder constructs their house design on a piece of property you own or are buying. With the Berks Homes BOYL program, there’s no sacrificing your preferences to get your dream house or ideal location. You get the luxury of selecting both.

Don’t have a specific property picked out yet? No problem! We can help you assess land you’re considering and give our professional evaluation on what it will take to build there.

When you partner with the Berks On Your Land team you're guaranteed to be covered by our time-tested process, saving you a lot of stress and hassle. By working with an experienced BOYL home builder, it’s a convenient approach and simple process to achieve your vision.

How Much Does It Cost To Build On Your Land?

Most of our customers want to know what it costs to build on your own land in Pennsylvania. There are many variables that can affect the price, so we have a simple formula to help you plan.

The formula starts with your budget. If you already have a property picked out, we can help you estimate your land development costs and add that to the purchase price of the property. Your remaining budget is what you can afford to spend on a floor plan. 

If you’re still deciding on the land, you can choose a floor plan first. We’ll then take a reverse approach; adding the cost of development with the floor plan price. The rest is the amount you have available to buy land.

Getting financing with a construction loan makes paying for an on-your-land home much more manageable. Expect to pay at least 5% down to get your project rolling.

Construction loans are short term, around a year, and cover the expenses of construction including:
  • Buying the property
  • Land development
  • Utilities installation
  • Permits
  • Labor
  • Building materials

Choosing An On-Your-Land Builder In Pennsylvania

Picking the right Pennsylvania home builder is just as important as picking the land and the floor plan. An experienced on-your-land builder will keep the whole project on track and within budget, while keeping you in the loop during each phase of construction.

Instead of dealing with the pressure of finding and scheduling architects, developers, and subcontractors yourself, your on-your-land builder will already have a team of contacts and access to resources and materials, at a more competitive price than you would find on your own.

With Berks Homes, we’ve already assembled the right team and streamlined the whole process for you. The hard work is done; from design and architecture to financing, developing, subcontracting, and acquiring materials. 

All the fun stuff is left up to you and your family! Find your perfect land and choose from nearly 20 on-your-land floor plans. Then, based on your unique needs and tastes, personalize the design details of your new home at our Selection Gallery.

Ready for a headache-free build-on-your-land experience? Berks Homes would love to discuss your ideas and get future construction underway! Contact our helpful team today.