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December 21, 2022


Berks Homes is driven to provide homes that meet the needs of most, if not all people. That means we provide a variety of floorplans, including single-family detached homes, townhomes, and duplex homes. At times, there is confusion over what the differences are between a townhome and a duplex, and the words are used interchangeably. But they are different. Let's explore both types of these homes together!

The biggest and most obvious difference in a townhome and a duplex is the number of attached units. A duplex home is a single structure of two residences, generally side-by-side dwellings, sharing one wall with one neighbor. A townhome features several residences with shared walls, and aside from the end units, you will find yourself sharing two walls with two separate neighbors. Another difference in these types of homes is the style. A townhome tends to be more rectangular in shape and 2-3 stories, whereas a duplex you will find is closer to a square with 1-2 stories.
The Persimmon Townhomes
The Bluebell Duplex

I realize that the thought of sharing a wall with someone may feel like you won't have much privacy. In actuality, with the building products we use today, sound is notably blocked from seeping through the walls, leaving you with the same feeling of privacy you would have in a detached home.

What about the cost? A townhome generally costs less than a duplex, but the end result is based on what features you choose for your home.

Berks Homes offers several townhome plans in both our Central and South Central regions that include the Lilac, Persimmon and Violet, as well as several duplexes plans to choose from, including our Azalea, Bluebell and Primrose models.

If you find yourself interested in learning more about our townhomes and duplex offerings, we'd love to talk with you. Check out our selection of new homes available throughout PA or give us a call at 484.772.2693 to learn more.

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