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February 8, 2023


The age-old do I save for a house while I'm spending so much on rent each month?

This is a great question and I have some easy, and maybe not-so-easy answers. Some may work for you; some may not be feasible. But this gives you a starting point!

1. Get a roommate.

This will cut your rent and utilities in half, saving you a lot of money each month.

2. Consider a less expensive rental.

If a roommate is not an option, moving to a less expensive rental may be a good choice.

3. Stop needless spending.

Eliminating just one unnecessary expense like a daily coffee or soda can save you $30+ per month. Check your monthly subscriptions and memberships to see if there are any you don't need.

4. Look at your cell phone bill.

Do you need all the data you are paying for?

5. Shop your car insurance.

See if there is a better rate that will add up to savings.

6. Clean out your closets.

Get rid of clothing and household items you no longer need or use. Hold a yard sale with these items to bank some extra savings.

7. Consider a side hustle.

Door Dash, Uber, or other similar side jobs can be a quick way to add funds to your house savings.

8. Save your coins.

Throw them in a "piggy bank" and watch coins turn into dollars!

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