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December 13, 2021

Mohawk Carpets

CATEGORIES: Selection Gallery

Selection Gallery Series

A multi-part series introducing our First-Class Selection Gallery. In this series you will be introduced to our Selection Galleries and learn about our staff and the products we are proud to install in our Berks Homes.

What’s next in our Selection Gallery Series? Let’s talk about FLOORING! Specifically, carpet.

Part 6Mohawk Flooring

The flooring in our homes can sure take a beating, from dirty shoes to spills and maybe even a little spit up or pet stains! So, when deciding who to team up with for the flooring we install in our Berks built homes, we educated ourselves on who offered the best quality, valued innovation and were a trusted brand with an extensive selection of world-class products. We landed on the leading flooring brand in the United States….Mohawk.

I’m sure you have heard of Mohawk, but did you know they have been creating quality designs since 1878? The tradition continues today, with revolutionary product innovation and award-winning designs. Not only that, but 100% of their carpet products are made in the United States.

SmartStrand Forever Clean:  Turnstone

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the various types of Mohawk carpet we install in our Berks Homes:

SmartStrand - There are two types of SmartStrand. SmartStrand Forever Clean and SmartStrand Forever Clean Silk. Forever Clean is the softest, the most durable, and the easiest carpet to clean on the planet, while Forever Clean Silk offers simply what the name says, silky softness and superior performance. Forever Clean is the ONLY carpet with protection and warranty for ALL pets, All accidents, ALL the time. What an awesome perk for pet owners!

EverStrand - This carpet also comes in two types, the “standard” EverStrand and the EverStrand Soft Appeal. Both are made from the highest quality PET fiber, resists dirt and stains and is fitted with their EasyClean™ stain and soil protection. Add an enhanced softness and ForeverFresh odor-reducing technology and you have EverStrand Soft Appeal! EverStrand carpets are made with up to 100% recycled content.

Carpet Samples in our South Central Selection Gallery

Mohawk backs up their carpets with fabulous warranties on each type of carpet they offer. Check out the chart here: (For more detailed information, you can find full warranty details here.)

I touched slightly on the fact that Mohawk uses recycling to produce many of their products. But I wanted to share about a program they have been working on to keep carpet waste out of landfills. The program, ReCover, began in 2006 and since that time, the ReCover program has kept more than 159 MILLION POUNDS of carpet out of landfills. They not only divert their own carpet, but they will reclaim carpet from anyone, nationwide, including their competitors. This speaks volumes to us at Berks Homes and has helped make partnering with Mohawk an easy choice for us to make. We take pride in the homes we build, and that means taking pride in the partners we work with to complete our houses, making them a home that we and our customers can be proud to call our own!