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Berks Homes Blog

Berks Homes Blog

Posted on June 7, 2019

So Easy A Kid Could Do It // No Money, No Problem

Give Your Home A Refresh Without Spending A Dime

Does this sound too good to be true?

Did we just waste your time trying to get you to click into this post and then not give you any actual value?

Absolutely not.

We have one tip, quick and easy.

Well the tip is quick and easy. Implementing it might take an hour or so. Sorry, we can’t do allll of the work.

Ready? Move things around.

Yep. Take the stuff you already own (read: the free things) and put them in a single pile. The photos from your walls, the throw pillows on your couches, the blankets laying around, the tchotchkes on your shelves and tables, and maybe even a rug or two.

When it’s all sitting there in a pile, you can see new possibilities of what works well together. Maybe the pillows in the guest room will actually look a lot cooler with the shade of gray on your loveseat in the living room. Maybe that “Live, Laugh, Love” sign actually looks better in the kitchen. (Though we gotta be honest, the world could use less of those signs.)

Also, that pile helps you see what is no longer serving you. When in doubt, throw it out.

If you really want to go crazy, go grab the chair from your basement or your office and switch it out with the tired looking Lay-Z-Boy in the living room.

Voila! Instant refresh.

Let your imagination run here. There is no wrong way to rearrange, especially if you’re just making small changes. Simply moving something from one wall to a table can breathe life into a tired space. We work and rest best when our brains are the perfect mix of stimulated and comfortable. So keep the things that make you comfortable, but switch it up to keep you stimulated.

Redecorating shouldn’t always be expensive or take months to finish. Give yourself an afternoon and it could change everything.


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