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Berks Homes Blog

Berks Homes Blog

Posted on January 28, 2019

Styles of Homes: Which House Style is Best for You?

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an empty-nester, one of the most exciting parts of building your own home is getting to choose exactly what it looks like! However, deciding which home styles are best for you can be difficult. Take a look at our guide which outlines the different styles of homes that Berks Homes offers. It’ll help make your decision easier!

House Styles Guide

We’ve created a list of the best home styles with all of their attributes and features. As you browse them, be sure to take note of any aspects you like! This will help you narrow down which style is right for you.

Craftsman Style

Craftsman style homes are often defined by their low-pitched roofs and exposed porch beams. They also tend to have front doors with window panes and stone exterior detailing. The bold yet earthy paint colors and trimming allow this style to stick out from other more traditional styles.

As an added benefit, new craftsman style homes usually boast open floorplans, providing ample space inside and promoting a clean, relaxing atmosphere.

berks homes craftsman style home

Here are a few Berks Homes models that utilize craftsman style features:

  • Blue Ridge
  • Beacon Pointe
  • Revere
  • Burberry

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Farmhouse Style

Thanks to popular television series such as Fixer Upper, farmhouse style homes have grown in popularity. These homes generally have steep roof pitches and large front porches.

Modern farmhouse style homes have also begun to incorporate stone siding and metal roofing into their designs. The colors tend to be very neutral to complement surrounding outdoor elements.

berks homes farmhouse style home

Check out some Berks Homes models that use farmhouse style features:

  • Summer Breeze
  • Thornhill
  • Arbor
  • Sycamore Lane
  • Franklin
  • Bellwoode

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Ranch Style

These homes are best known for their single-story designs and long, low rooflines. They usually have wide front porch overhangs and large, open yards. The coloring tends to be neutral and light.

Ranch style homes generally have stone, brick, and wood exterior accents. Their large windows also allow ample light into their open floorplans.

berks homes ranch style home

Browse Berks Homes ranch style home models:

  • Cherry Blossom
  • Abbey
  • Longwood
  • Merrimac
  • Georgia Mae
  • Juliet

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Colonial Style

Originating in the 1700s, the colonial home style has continued to be a staple in the housing industry for centuries. Traditional colonial style homes had steep, sloped roofs and symmetrical window displays. Today, modern colonial style homes still have those features, but boast a more updated look with spacious interiors.

Here are some of the colonial style homes Berks Homes offers:

  • Van Buren
  • Copper Beech
  • Brindlee
  • Hanover
  • Leighland
  • Durham

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Home Style Upgrades

Can’t seem to find the home style you’ve been searching for? Customize your home with some of the following upgrades to create the home style you’ve envisioned.

Stone Siding

Stone siding can make a home appear more rustic. It’s also much more durable than traditional siding because it resists wear and tear from contact with the elements and won’t fade from direct sunlight.

Patio or Porch

A front patio or porch can add visual appeal to your home’s appearance while also providing an outdoor space for you and your guests to enjoy. In addition, incorporating a front porch with an overhang prevents the front of your home from becoming damaged from direct sun exposure.

Dormer Windows

Dormers add additional aesthetics to your home’s appearance. They also let more light into spaces on the top floor such as attics and lofts. When placed on bedrooms, a dormer’s natural light can provide relaxation and promote better sleep. As an added benefit, they also enhance home ventilation.

Custom Garage Door

Garage doors can be customized to match the style of your home. They may include windows to illuminate your garage interior or decorative hardware to enhance your home’s curb appeal. A custom garage door is also one of the best home additions with the highest return on investment, so it may be worth just upgrading when you build your home!

Bay Window

These windows are designed to span large areas on your home to allow more light to enter your living spaces. Since they jut out from your interior wall, they add dimension to your home’s exterior. They also provide more physical space inside to add extra storage space or a reading nook.

Top 5 Considerations for Choosing Your House Style

As you try to narrow down which style of home is best for you, take some of the following questions into account. They’ll help you decide what you truly want your home to look like.

How Many Floors Do You Want?

This may seem like an obvious consideration, but it’s an important one nonetheless! If you’re looking for a one-story home to eliminate staircases, you’ll want to narrow your focus to ranch style homes.

Which Styles Are You Naturally Drawn To?

Do you gravitate toward classic, traditional homes or more toward modern architecture? Your answer can provide a good indication as to which styles you should consider. If you’re leaning toward classic, traditional homes, you may like colonial style homes. If you prefer modern styles, a customized craftsman home may be the way to go.

Which Materials Do You Like Best?

Materials play a huge role in the appearance of your home’s exterior. Are you thinking about going with standard panel siding or would you rather use materials that provide more texture and visual appeal? Those materials may include metals and different types of stone.

What Colors Do You Have in Mind?

Do you prefer shades of white and gray or red and blue? Maybe you’d like to use neutral colors with pops of color as bold accents. Farmhouse styles tend to utilize very neutral colors while craftsman style homes come in a range of bolder colors that make homes stand out from the rest.

Do You Prefer a Simple Home Design or One That’s More Detailed?

While both are visually appealing, simple and detailed designs are vastly different. Simple designs usually consist of clean lines with minimal upgrades. Detailed home designs tend to have more ridges and decorative elements for an eye-catching appearance.

Still can’t decide between these styles of homes? Contact one of our home experts today!

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