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December 27, 2021

TAMKO Shingles

CATEGORIES: Selection Gallery

Selection Gallery Series

A multi-part series introducing our First-Class Selection Gallery.  In this series you will be introduced to our Selection Galleries and learn about our staff and the products we are proud to install in our Berks Homes.

What’s next in our Selection Gallery Series?  Let’s talk about TAMKO shingles and why we trust to partner with them to provide the all-important protection of a roof, on your new Berks built home!


Part 5 – TAMKO Shingles

TAMKO opened in 1944, producing its first shingle in 1945, more than 75 years ago. During that time, they have successfully maintained a strong history of independence, family, and American manufacturing. They are recognized for their rich history, their core values of honesty and integrity, plus quality products and processes.  These values are important to us at Berks Homes, just as I’m sure they are to you!


TAMKO was founded on 4 basic principles:

1.) work hard

2.) do your best

3.) be fair and honest

4.) hire people that can be trusted to do the same


These values remain strong today and have morphed into their current Core Values of “Honesty, Integrity and Compliance”.


TAMKO takes pride in being a vertically integrated company, owning and operating many of their own raw materials plants. This has allowed them to maintain greater control over the manufacturing process, permitting them to deliver a consistent supply of products. This has made it easy for us to trust that the product we are passing on to our customers is of the quality that matches not only ours, but your expectations.

Community support is another important aspect to this company. They provide millions of dollars in support to everything from sponsoring youth sports, to disaster recovery donations to the communities surrounding their numerous locations, holding a strong relationship within their communities with both their customers and suppliers.


TAMKO’s laminated asphalt shingles are designed to complement the architecture of any home, with a product line that includes a variety of styles and hues.


TAMKO Shingle in Rustic Black

Here are the colors that are offered as a selection when building a Berks Home. These are both classic and timeless!

TAMKO not only produces shingles, but they also offer a complete line of accessories that support their roofing products and are designed to lie beneath the shingles, creating a beautiful and well-crafted roof for your new Berks Home.


If you would like more information on a Berks Home please check out our website, feel free to give us a call at 484.772.2693 or better yet, stop out to one of our model homes throughout our communities.