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Berks Homes Blog

Berks Homes Blog

Posted on January 26, 2021

The Difference of Buying a New Home vs Resale

Categories: Own a New Home, Tips

There are so many decisions when buying a home. Besides location, the next biggest factor is whether to buy new construction or resale.

We may be a little biased, but new homes come with many benefits that older homes just can’t compete with. Here are several reasons buying a new home is preferred by homeowners.


Have you ever lived in a home where there’s just not enough cabinet space? Or the layout is awkward to furnish? Or there are too few windows to enjoy the scenery and natural light? With a newly built home, these problems disappear. 

With new construction, you can work with your contractor to modify or fully customize a layout that fits your family’s current and future needs. You can expand and enhance the spaces that are most important to you. These personalized touches make all the difference in the long run.

Even if you’re not buying a fully custom house, you can work with your builder during the pre-construction and construction phase to upgrade finishes and features.

Berks Homes offers a multitude of well-thought out floor plans to fit modern lifestyles. We allow you the flexibility to adapt these layouts, plus we have a fabulous Selection Gallery where your design ideas become reality. 

Low Maintenance

Peace-of-mind is a huge detail many homeowners won’t compromise on. With an old home, there’s no guarantee on the condition of major appliances, let alone the construction quality itself.

A previously owned home may have had DIY upgrades that aren’t up to code. The furnace could be 30 years old and highly inefficient. A wall might need to be removed to improve flow. And the weatherstripping, insulation, and single-pane windows will leave you frigid in the winter.

Replacing a water heater, remodeling a kitchen, updating the electrical or investing in a new garage door adds up quickly. With a new home, you can completely avoid the headache and price tag of repairs or upgrades. 


Modern homes are specifically built to meet or exceed current energy efficiency standards. These standards are much more strict than they were even a few years ago. 

Having an energy efficient home can save you a fortune over time. For example, Berks Homes have carefully sealed central air systems with superior duct tightness and minimal leakage. This leads to 30% better efficiency than in older homes.  Find out more about how our construction is sustainable and efficient here.

From low-flow faucets and toilets, to state-of-the-art appliances, and better insulation, it will be easier and cheaper to budget your monthly expenses. New construction homes also come with certifications and warranties that aren’t available with resale homes.

Avoid The Competition

The last few years have been tough for homebuyers. Pennsylvania is a hot real estate market, and that can make house shopping very frustrating. With new construction, you can avoid the bidding wars.

Buying a new construction home means the competition is low. You’re not being outbid by countless offers and disappointed each time your dream home slips through your fingers. When you partner with Berks Homes, you even have the option to build on your lot. You can have the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood, without the rivalry of other homebuyers in the area.

Ready to stop shopping and start moving? Connect with our team and start building your beautiful new Berks Home!