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September 1, 2020

Tips For Keeping Your Berks Home Cool

Summer is winding down, but it doesn’t mean the warm weather has subsided. Can we beat the heat before cooler weather rolls into Pennsylvania?

Survive the final heat waves of the season by taking extra measures to insulate your home. Not only will you be comfier, but you’ll spend less on utilities while saving energy!

Replace Your Filter

Changing your filter is the best way to keep your air conditioner running at peak performance. Depending on your household size and how many fur-babies live in the home, you’ll want to change your air filter at least twice per year. We recommend doing this in the spring before the warm weather arrives and in the fall before using your heater. You may want to change your filter more often if you’re an avid AC or heater user.

If you missed this step earlier in the summer, take care of it now. When you replace your filter, always install the same kind that was in there before. Swapping it out for a solid paper pleated filter is less effective. These aftermarket filters allow less air to pass through, putting a strain on your HVAC system.

Use Curtains At The Right Times

Curtains and blinds make a big impact on indoor temperatures, especially if you use heavy-duty, light-blocking shades. But the key to getting the coolest temps depends on when you shut the curtains. On east-facing windows, close your shades and shut the windows early in the morning. Once the sun passes overhead, seal up the west-facing side of your house.

When night rolls around, if temperatures are cooler outside than indoors, open up all the curtains and windows. The cool night air will freshen your house and bring down temperatures without AC.

Circulate Air

Overhead fans and oscillating fans won’t lower your home’s temperature—truth is, you can’t trick your thermostat into thinking it’s cooler by turning on a fan! But moving air throughout your home brings sweet relief regardless. A light breeze on your skin lowers your body temperature. This perceived coolness allows you to set your thermostat to a higher temperature. That means your system can run less while you still feel cool.

Need more tips for staying cool and enjoying the final days of summer? Turn your backyard into an oasis with these ideas from the Berks team!

Cooling Starts With Quality Construction

Every home’s cooling needs are different. Your climate control capabilities vary from the house next door. This could be based on the house layout, the amount of direct sunlight your home receives, and your family’s temperature goals. 

Regardless of those variables, Berks Homes are designed with efficiency and insulation in mind and with Lennox as a preferred HVAC vendor you can expect strong performance and comfort in your Berks Home year-round. 

 “We constantly challenge ourselves to provide homeowners with the best of the best,” said John Whinery, VP of Product Management, Lennox International Residential HVAC. “Our products demonstrate our continual commitment to the pursuit of perfect air in the home.”

Lennox products are smart and efficient, designed to make the most of your energy and enhance your air -- resulting in smart savings, helping you save on utility bills and minimized energy use. Additionally, the Lennox Merit® Series is designed and built to be quieter than competing products, so you can expect smooth operation that’s as quiet as light rain. 

Partner with our team to build a new home that’s cozy for you and your family year-round! 

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