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Berks Homes Blog

Berks Homes Blog

Posted on August 4, 2020

Creating Your Backyard Oasis

These days getting away isn't exactly an option - we're spending more time closer to home and safely in our homes and focusing on the space that’s readily available to us. Bettering your home and yard is always rewarding but now it’s especially nice to be able to create your own little getaway that gives off that vacation, away from it all vibe.  For some, decorating a home can be like second nature; add some framed photos to the wall in a creative layout, hang decorative mirrors, add an accent house plant here or there along with some colorful throw pillows and the atmosphere is all set.  However, decorating a giant backyard can seem intimidating and for this reason, it’s always best to start off small and work your way up to a beautiful, serene backyard oasis that will be the envy of all your friends and neighbors. Start by adding new things little by little so you can get a feel for the layout and plan out what’s next. Begin with chairs, add some flowers, and go from there. It’s easier than most homeowners think! 


Furniture is the base of your backyard space and a great place to begin planning out your backyard goals. Before you begin shopping it’s important to consider how much upkeep you can manage and the layout of the yard for the best placement of the furniture. Consider cleaning and storing solutions for the end of the season, as well as decide how you will store any bulky items, such as pillows before buying them. For smaller yards, to help save space, consider multipurpose furniture, like built-in storage benches that could house cushions and provide extra seating. 


Every great garden begins somewhere, to bring yours to life it’s important to do your homework and plan accordingly first. Every outdoor space has its strengths, so embrace yours and mix it into your overall backyard vision. 

Incorporating a vegetable garden into your backyard is not only visually appealing but also rewarding. Because of the seasonality of living in Pennsylvania, it’s important to know and plan out the best time to plant your seeds in order to get the most out of your garden. This Pennsylvania: Vegetable Planting Calendar is a great tool to use when planning your garden and future harvest. 

Of course, no garden is complete without flowers. We recommend planting annuals because they are low maintenance in nature, as well as perennials since they thrive in the Pennsylvania climate. Natural perennials are also a great choice since they’re easy to care for and are already well adapted to the climate. 


Your outdoor space should also reflect your sense of style and personality. To narrow the field of design choices, pick a theme, and run with it. Consider your yard's assets and how you can best work them into your vision… if you’re fortunate enough to have a large outdoor space, you can use plants, pathways, and furniture to divide it into separate areas serving different purposes. 

Creating the ideal outdoor space is all about invoking the feeling of being transported elsewhere. Settling on a theme, layout, and design aesthetic will really help to bring your outdoor living space together. Using sites like Pinterest and Houzz can also help spark your imagination. 

For our homeowners residing in Eastern PA, we recommend visiting King's Homestead in Ronks for your backyard and patio furniture needs. They have a vast selection of casual comfort sets and outdoor dining sets that create a great entertaining space or just a quiet backyard place to relax. 

For Berks homeowners living in Central PA, we recommend checking out Penn Stone, conveniently located in Lancaster. They have an indoor showroom and outdoor display to explore their extensive outdoor living collection, so you can really get your creativity flowing. From furniture to brilliant fireplaces and fire pits, stunning fountains and planters, even solutions for daytime shade and nighttime lighting, they can help you bring your backyard dreams to life. 

Homeowners located in State College PA can visit Tubbies Spa and Patio for their backyard furniture needs. And as the name suggests they also offer spas and saunas if you really want to take your backyard space to the next level. Boasting the largest single display of patio furniture in PA, they have a wide selection of products to choose from, allowing you to personalize your space and breathe life into your very own Pennsylvania backyard oasis.

If you think your backyard oasis is worthy of praise, share a photo with us on social media so we can admire it too.