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January 18, 2023


I'm sure that one of the last things you think about when building and designing a new home is the ceiling. But I wouldn't be so quick to overlook your ceilings entirely. One way to make use of your ceiling space is to install what is called a Tray Ceiling.

What is a Tray Ceiling?

It is exactly what its name implies, resembling an upside-down tray that is set into the ceiling of a room, adding a three-dimensional effect to the room. Ascetically, a tray ceiling makes the room feel larger in size than it actually is, creating a luxurious feel to any room.

Several options are available to utilize a tray ceiling, to make it the room's star. You can create a focal point of the room by hanging a light, ceiling fan, or chandelier. Painting the center of the tray a darker color than the rest of the room will aid in creating the look of height in the room. Feeling artistic? Paint a mural on the center section, bringing out your creative side.

Is installing a tray ceiling in your new home worth the upgrade? That's entirely up to you, but something to keep in mind; it is much easier to install a tray ceiling in a new build. But it is possible to install one after the fact, in a room where the ceiling is more than 8 feet high. Anything less than this will make the room feel cramped and may not meet code requirements.

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